Convert Google Sheets into a Database.

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Easy Setup

You can setup a Database in just 3 steps, Configure Google Developer Console (One Time Only), Create the Google Sheet, Use the Google Sheet in the Package.

Database Queries

You can access your google sheets Database using Queries similar to other databases like MySQL,PostgreSQL etc..

Cloud Based

Since Google Sheets are handled by Google, you don't have to worry about setting up your Database separately for local development and production. Just create a google sheet and you are ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can this be used in any Project ?

This is a python package, So this library can be used in any of your python based project.

What all functionalities does this package have?

There are 6 functionalites right now. Those are Create a connection to database, Create a table with column names, Add a new entry to any table in the database, delete any entry from a table by matching column values, find any entry from a table by matching column values, get all entries in the table.

Is there any guide on how to use this package ?

Yes, I have written a blog on the same and is available at

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco